Is aiming to help reduce global warming by 'cooling' down cities through its patent pending technology resulting in perfect temperature isolation.

Country: Mexico

Year: 2014

Weight class: Middleweight

How was your startup born?

Simon Galico: “We actually started with another idea, we originally wanted to reduce high electricity bills that came from using air conditioners, but this proved difficult to solve. Along the way we discovered that the issue is not inside the home or building, but outside. We use special coating on rooftops to keep the heat outside. Less heat inside means less need for air conditioners.”

What is the most important thing that you have learned from participating in Get in the Ring?

“The most important thing that I have learnt is that I have to be consistent in what I do and say. My pitches to the outside world are very important so I need to master this. Also, I have learned that there are very interesting and intelligent people everywhere and that I can meet the most these people through taking part in Get in the Ring.”

Why do you deserve to win GITR?

“I deserve to win because I have a great idea and product that can really help the world. I am a very motivated entrepreneur who really wants to make an impact.”

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