Algramo - Chile

Establishes wholesale relationships with manufacturers to buy the products in bulk, and market these through Algramo dispenser machines. The consumer buys the Algramo container once and then saves on packaging.

Country: Chile

Year: 2013

Weight class: Middleweight

What is your business idea?

Jose Manuel Moller: “The founder of our product moved to a poorer area of our home city and found that he couldn’t buy bulk amounts of products, but had to buy everything in small amounts. That means that things were actually more expensive in poorer areas. We believe that this equates to a tax on the poor. We wanted to change this by cutting out the middleman.”

How does your startup help the poor?

“We have optimized the model of going straight to product producers and eliminating the need to increase the cost price. We aim to work on a triple front: Social because we consumers pay a fairer price and shops are a social place, economical because the shop keepers are getting better margins, and environmental because we use reusable containers.”

Do you have ambitions to extend your startup to other countries?

“Yes, we are already active in Chile and Colombia and we are about to make the move to Mexico and Paraguay.”

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