Aquanos - Israel

Has a unique wastewater treatment technology and process, which produces high quality of water while utilizing a fraction of the energy required by conventional wastewater treatment plants.

Country: Israel

Year: 2011

Weight class: Middleweight

What is the overall goal of your startup?

Udi Leshem: “We want to build and expand into a big company that can provide clean water for communities that have no access to it at the moment. Now more people have cell phones than clean water and polluted water is killing more people than anything else. We want to change this.”

What do you want to achieve with Get in the Ring?

“There is a big demand for our products in Latin America so we are looking for strategic partners in this region so that we can expand.”

There are three startup finalists from Israel, why do you think this is?

“In Israel we have the most startups of the world per capita, so we have developed a very close startup ecosystem. Competition in Israel is big, so you have to be really good. The competition forces us to sharpen our business model and drives us to become better.”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

“We want to have around 50 plants working in different parts of the world, providing clean water to communities that don’t currently have that basic need.”

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