Biodencell - Colombia

Has a dental stemcell bank to repair damaged tissues (e.g. burned skin) and solve immunologic diseases such as arthritis, diabetes and multiple sclerosis.

Country: Colombia

Year: 2014

Weight class: Middleweight

How has Get in the Ring helped you so far?

Claudia Cecilia Restrepo Serna: “Get in the Ring has given us a platform that has provided visibility for international investors, which has been very good for us.”

Why do you deserve to win Get in the Ring?

“Put simply, we save lives. We can reduce the high costs in health systems around the world by offering different solutions. This is a scalable business in a huge market that is active in every country around the world.”

This year’s Get in the Ring final is in your own country, is this an advantage?

“No I don’t think so, all of these startups are very good and where the final takes place will not make any difference to the result. However I can help and welcome the visitors to my home city of Medellín!”

What were the main challenges converting your idea into a business model?

“We have worked with stem cells for 25 years so we have lots of experience in this field. But it’s not easy at all. We are scientists moving into the financial world, so that is all new. Also, the regulations around stem cell research are not well established in Colombia.”

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