Choosic - United Kingdom

An app for music to find the songs you love. Swipe right to like and left to dislike, simple!

Country: UK

Year: 2015

Weight class: Lightweight

What do you hope to achieve with your startup at Get in the Ring?

Alessia Sannazzaro: “We currently have 40,000 users and 35% of those are based in South America, so we want to keep our momentum going, find investors from this market and create contacts and maybe find a mentor.”

You mentioned that you wanted to find a mentor, who is your dream mentor?

“Yes, we are looking for someone who has specific knowledge of the music industry, especially the legal side. We want to find someone with good connections, who knows how to close deals without losing ground.”

What is your next big step?

“We need to introduce revenue streams and start collaborations so that we can start making money.”

How do you deal with competition from industry leaders like Spotify?

“The main thing we have on our side is the support from our fans. We make sure our brand is known for exactly what we do, which is to showcase new, undiscovered musical talent to people who want to find it. That is the niche we are operating in. We also provide detailed analytics about how emerging artists are performing among our users. Plus, many of our artists are not on Spotify yet as they are new and emerging artists.”

Who is the favourite artist that you’ve found using your app?

“Hm, I would have to say Eza. She’s an amazing singer songwriter, it’s little bit electronic but still chilled. Give it a listen!”

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