NearSt - United Kingdom is on a mission to get people back into local shops. They make it easier for shoppers to find and buy products from shops nearby than it is to order those same items online for delivery.

Country: UK

Year: 2015

Weight class: Middleweight

What inspired you to build this startup?

Nick Brackenbury: “It was a literal light bulb moment! Our co-founder broke a light bulb but we couldn’t find where to buy one locally. When you look at the bigger picture, we see that local shops are going out of business and our shopping streets are disappearing. However at the same time more and more people want to shop locally and support businesses. So we started this project to bring consumers and local shops together via a modern platform.”

Why do you deserve to win GITR?

“We believe that we deserve to win because our startup helps both businesses and communities. Online shopping is great, but it has a negative effect on the local community, we are not making money ourselves but focusing on improving business and community relations.”

Are you looking for investments whilst here in Medellin?

“Yes, we are looking for investors from the retail, ecommerce and mcommerce industries so that we can expand not only in the UK, but outside as global product.”

Do you have partnerships with both small and large businesses?

“Yes, we want to have partnerships with all retailers on the shopping street. Any store that has a physical shop can be partner.”

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