LIK - Morocco

An app that gives you phone credit in exchange for targeted, contextualized and geolocated advertisement receptions.

Country: Morocco

Year: 2015

Weight class: Lightweight

What does ‘LIK’ mean?

“It means ‘For you’ in Arabic.”

How has Get in the Ring improved your startup?

Yassine Faddani: “We have gotten lots of media coverage, especially in Morocco. The startup ecosystem is quite new in Morocco, so it’s easy to get media attention. We have also learnt a lot about how to pitch our business. Through our experience with Get in the Ring we have improved our original pitch a lot, and we now have a better business focus.”

Are you planning on expanding to other countries outside of Morocco?

“At the moment Morocco is a laboratory for us so we have experimented and found out that our product works. This model is definitely expandable and we are already in touch with telecom operators such as Orange and a market leader in South Africa.”

Can this business model be expanded into other technologies such as free internet?

“Well, that’s what we already do. When you use our app, you can recharge your minutes or data on your own phone, or you can decide to give those free minutes or data to a friend. We are always looking to expand into other technologies.”

This year the Get in the Ring final is in Medellin, what are your first impressions?

“Before coming here there were so many negative stories. When you Google Medellín you only find information about murders. I thought: where am I going? But now that I am here, I love it. The city and the people are great. They are so vibrant, very similar to Moroccans. I know a startup that helps with improving online reputations, I think Medellin should use that.”

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