FireLayers - Isreal

Deploys cloud application security to ensure that your organization’s core is secured, controlled and compliant.

Country: Israel

Year: 2013

Weight class: Heavyweight

How was your startup born?

Yair Grindlinger: “Firstly, I saw that corporate businesses were moving their data from more traditional platforms to the cloud. My background in security made this the perfect sector for me to enter so it was just a process of selecting the right industry.”

What will Get in the Ring do for you?

“We are getting really great exposure and PR globally. That means we can get our name known amongst clients and investors.”

What is your next business step?

“The first thing that I am going to do is go back home and find more customers. If I win a prestigious award such as GITR I will have even more exposure and my marketing guy will have a lot of work to do!”

Who or what kind of company is your dream customer?

“We want to attract large companies that employ hundreds or thousands of employees, like Google for example. We are targeting companies that want to move to the cloud, or companies who already have their data on the cloud.”

Where do you see your startup in 5 years?

“I believe that this is an emerging market, and that every company will need to have a cloud security solution in the near future. Our company will be international but mainly in Europe and the US. Within five years we aim to have a revenue of tens of millions of dollars.”

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