eStaffMatch - Canada

Has an online marketplace connecting event staff (servers, bartenders, supervisors) with event organisers without the middleman.

Country: Canada

Year: 2015

Weight class: Middleweight

What problem does your startup solve?

Eropa Stein: “We solve the problem of very expensive event staffing agencies. At this moment 75% of hotels currently use staffing agencies when they need extra bartenders or waiters. Those staffing agencies overcharge companies and underpay their staff. eStaffMatch has a database of staff that can choose their own shift and payment, and receive feedback and a rating after every shift. On average organizers pay 23% less than traditional staffing agencies.”

What have you learned so far at Get in the Ring?

“There are amazing startups from around the world that are involved, so there is so much experience to take away from it. I don’t want to see the other competitors as competitors, I want to learn from them. I’ve actually already made contacts through Get in the Ring and it has expanded my business.”

Why do you deserve to win?

“I’m young and I believe that it’s good if young people get opportunity to win global events like this one. My startup is successful, it’s growing and it solves a real problem in an $18 billion industry.”

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