DOT - South Korea

Designed a braille smartwatch, which gives blind people access to affordable education and effective communication.

Country: South Korea

Year: 2015

Weight class: Middleweight

How was your idea born?

Eric Ju Yoon Kim: “I met a blind woman in a US university and she told me about the problems blind people have with reading braille. For example, that if she wanted to read the bible with braille, it would take 22 books. The device for reading braille books is also very expensive. As a result of this many blind people give up on reading and fall behind in education and eventually have problems finding a job. I wanted to solve those problems, so we developed a product that is a lot smaller and cheaper than the normal braille device; the braille smartwatch.”

What is your main goal here at Get in the Ring?

“I want to focus on our main business goals and generate good marketing opportunities here in South America, which we haven’t previously explored. We are currently raising money for our next round of investments, so being here with great competition and many investors and connections is good for us.”

Are you planning on expanding your startup into other products?

“Yes we are, we have many ideas. We have wanted to create an iPad for blind people for a while now and we are actually in the process of making it. So, yes, there is lots of opportunity out there for us.”  

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