ClaimCompass - Bulgaria

Helps air passengers receive their deserved compensation for delayed, cancelled or overbooked flights.

Country: Bulgaria

Year: 2015

Weight class: Lightweight

How did you start with this startup?

Tatyana Mitkova: “I graduated from law school and then me and my co-founder started this as a side project, just as a fun thing to do in our spare time. My partner is a programmer and I am a law graduate so this was the perfect project for us. Soon we found that we were getting clients quickly, and we were immediately profitable, so we went fulltime soon after starting up.”

How are you different from other companies that offer similar services?

“We were inspired by existing companies in Western Europe, but we found that nobody was doing this in Eastern Europe so we had first-mover advantage. We were the first company targeting the Eastern European market. We are very proud on our 93% success rate for claimees. That is a huge plus in this market.”


What have you found helpful in your time at Get in the Ring?

“We have made many connections and even mentorships with whom we can discuss what we are doing and what we can do in the future. Also, the pitch training has helped us to really put across our startup to customers and investors.”

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