OnOff App - France

Allows users with their app to instantly add multiple phone numbers on their own and other smartphones. 

Country: France

Year: 2013

Weight class: Heavyweight

Was there a specific situation that got you working on this idea?

Taig Khris: “There was a mix of many things. Basically, we realised that the telecom industry is old and out of touch. We want to give people the ability to use multiple phone numbers on one device so that users can easily and quickly flip through different numbers and contacts on the same device.”

What have you learned from participating in Get in the Ring so far?

“We learnt the importance of a good focused pitch. Get in the Ring helped us to really get everything clear and make the information in our pitch comprehensible for people without a lot of technical knowledge.”

Do you have anyone that you really want to speak to during this event?

“Actually, I didn’t look at any other companies because I was so busy preparing everything. The thing about events like this is that you don’t need to make a list of interesting people to talk to, because there are so many. I want to be as open as possible, because anybody that you talk to can be a useful contact. I can learn many things from a lot of people.”

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