SpeakEZ - Isreal

Unites the power of social networks with its patented technology to provide a platform where people can speak using their language of choice.

Country: Israel

Year: 2015

Weight Class: Lightweight

What is the idea behind your startup?

Eyal Cohen: “The idea behind our startup came when I was watching the news and saw Obama talking to the Iranian president and it was described as an ‘intimate conversation’. I thought: how can that be if they don’t share a language? I looked around for a long time to find if there was anybody offering a service to make this possible. I didn’t find anything. So that’s how I came up with my idea. It is a great marketplace for interpreters as each interpreter only translates in one direction.”

What is the main goal for you here at Get in the Ring?

“I want to connect people, that is also the goal of my startup. And we are looking for $4-5 million of investment in the startup, so if we can find some investors here that would also be great. Plus, any information from experts is always welcome.”

What was the most difficult language barrier that you have ever experienced doing business?  

“That’s a tough one but I think it’s the difficulty of accents, mostly when talking to people from Asia. In Korea I had a lot of problems with it. They know how to speak English, but their accent is hard to understand.”

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