Shake4Help - Bolivia

Has an application that generates an alert message, getting your current location and sending this message to your family, friends, or directly to the police, when shaking your phone in an emergency.

Country: Bolivia

Year: 2013

Weight class: Lightweight

How did you come up with this idea?

Victor Aguilar: “Crime and security are major concerns worldwide so we wanted a solution that was available for all people. A mobile phone is something that everyone has, so we are accessible to everyone.”

Has your startup already made a difference to your users?

“Yes, we have more and more feedback from our users, and it shows that our product is really working and helping our users. We recently got a message from a user thanking us because one of their family members was in an emergency, but now he is safe because of Shake4Help.”

Is your application free or paid?

“It’s free but we do also have a premium option. For $3 we offer extra features such as being able to take photos or to lock the phone from other devices.”

Why should you win Get in the Ring?

“We should win because we can save lives. If we are successful then we can do something really great for society.”

Are there any patents for your design?

“No and there has been another startup tried to use the same idea but they have a much smaller impact. They can’t offer what we can.”

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Download PDF
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