Squirl Inc. - USA

Has a location-based book discovery app with which you bump into real world locations from captivating novels, life changing biographies and thrilling mysteries.

Country: USA

Year: 2015

Weight class: Lightweight

How did you come up with the idea of this app?

Jef van der Avoort: “I was reading a couple of books and found myself checking my laptop constantly looking for the locations and music in the books. There are some websites out there but they only mention places described in books.”

Why do you think you should win Get in the Ring?

“Our app addresses the number one problem that book publishers have: getting books discovered. Our big dream is to have a book discovered on Squirl that becomes a NY Times bestseller. My startup should win Get in the Ring because it connects and engages people with books in a unique way. With this app we add virtual or augmented reality to books to bring that much closer to the reader.”

Do you have an interesting story that came from a user?

“I get a lot of really enthusiastic reactions from people when they discover a book that is set in their hometown. They tell me that they can’t believe it and that they never knew that there were books written about their area.”

What is your favourite book to wander around in?

“‘On the road’ from Jack Kerouac. That was actually the book that inspired me to start this app, I was looking up all the locations and the music all the time. I love to wander around in the virtual reality of that book.”

Where do you want your startup to be in 5 years?

“We want to be the application that connects books to the real world and their readers.”

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