Smart Delivery - Sudan

Provides free delivery of fresh vegetables, fruit and meat of high quality and low cost by buying directly from farmers.

Country: Sudan

Year: 2015

Weight class: Middleweight

How was your startup born?

Mustafa Ahmed Hamid Mohemmed: “We want to change the structure of how vegetables are sent around the country. We lose so much money because the structure is all wrong, so we buy from the farmer and deliver to the consumer.”

What have you learned from Get in the Ring?

“We have learned a lot! Sudan is developing country so entrepreneurial knowhow is not common. During Get in the Ring you get to meet experts that help you to develop and grow. We get to learn what’s going on in this world.”

What are you looking to achieve here at Get in the Ring?

“Well, after five months of testing we know that it works, now we need to expand. Right now we are focusing on Sudan because it’s a big market: the city of Khartoum alone already consumes $13 million worth of vegetables daily. We don’t have any plans to do this in other countries at the moment.”

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