NewTechRail developed a technology for opening rail switches without creating arcs, this will save the world 70 billion dollars per year.

Country: South Africa

Year: 2015

Weight Class: Middleweight

How would you explain your startup model to your neighbour?

Jan Jooste: “I use electricity to stop electricity. But it’s pretty hard to explain such a technical concept.”

How difficult is it to make a mark on such an established industry?

“The benefits of my technology will convince them to cooperate with me. I can save them billions.”

What are you hoping to achieve with Get in the Ring?

“Easy access to big companies such as Siemens and General Electric.”

You seem to be a bit older than the other participants. Do you think your age has an impact, positive or negative?

“Do you really think I am older than the rest? Ok, yes, I’m almost 59. I think I benefit from my age and experience because this game is seriously big. Age helps to better position yourself. And I’ve got serious networks.”

What is your first impression of Medellin?

“I love it, those little buses that drive people around, they sound and look like if you are in some kind of fantasy land.”  

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