Symme3D - Romania

Developed high resolution 3D printing.

Country: Romania

Year: 2015

Weight class: Middleweight

How has Get in the Ring helped you so far?

Calin Brandabur: "The entire Get in the Ring process has given us tremendous help and experience. It taught us how to verbalize our startup and how to explain to non-technical people what it is that we want to achieve."

What is the most important thing that you want to achieve here in Medellin and is there anyone else you want to meet in particular?

"Of course we are looking for exposure amongst other startups and investors, but we also want to increase our experience and make ourselves tougher in high stress situations. One of the best things about Get in the Ring is that there are so many interesting people to talk to and network with. Actually, I made two sales on the first night!"


What are your main challenges?

"At the moment our main problem is that we rely on different vendors. This means that sometimes different materials arrive on different dates, often very late."

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