KPN, APM Terminals and ASML are challenging startups worldwide

The Hague - November 20th - KPN, APM Terminals and ASML announced on the main stage during Get in the Ring the Netherlands, that they are challenging startups around the world to innovate together. Each of these corporates have shared specific innovation challenges to find startups that get the opportunity to work with them on joint projects.

The Challenges are organized jointly with the Get in the Ring Foundation. The goal of this Dutch foundation is to connect startups worldwide to opportunities at investors, corporates and governments, to grow and scale up their business. Get in the Ring is active in over 100 countries to find startups that are looking for these opportunities.

During the day program of Get in the Ring the Netherlands, startups and corporates already got the chance to establish that first contact. Over 600 speeddates were organized between 300 startups and over 50 different corporates from all industries.

Later during the day the three Challenges were announced. Jan Kees de Jager (CFO KPN) on the Challenge: “KPN is sitting on a huge pile of data, we want to use this data to improve the customer experience. To do so, we need to use innovative techniques.” That’s why KPN is looking for startup solutions that can bring artificial intelligence into business intelligence. APM Terminals is looking for startups that can make port logistics even smarter, and ASML challenges startups with the potential to impact the world of high tech manufacturing and systems.

These are very different innovation Challenges to which startups from all countries and industries can contribute. Startups can find more detailed information and apply for these Challenges through the website of Get in the Ring.

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The Get in the Ring Foundation is an organization that gives startups a fun and global podium to make valuable connections to innovators to grow and scale up their business. We are active in 100 countries and work together with leaders of entrepreneurship ecosystems around the world. Get in the Ring is known for its innovative format where startups face off in a boxing ring.